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Meet the crew

We Are NYK For LIFE!

Jarid Bush

Meet Jarid, the founder and creator of NYK and the creative element behind the company. Jarid is the one behind the camera, editing all the videos and doing most of the riding.

He loves to get out and ride and is always down for an adventure, no matter the season. Jarid lives to ride, and it shows in the videos he creates. He's always pushing the limits and exploring new places.

With Jarid, you know you're in for an amazing adventure

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Owner Jarid ON TOP OF The World

Spencer Benson

Meet Spencer, co-founder of NYK and the mastermind behind the name. Spencer and his best friend Jarid have a shared passion for the outdoors, and together they founded NYK to share this passion with the world. Spencer and Jarid have been best friends for many years and have embarked on countless outdoor adventures together. With Spencer's Business Knowledge vision and Jarid's Creative Mind Set, they have created a unique and innovative outdoor experience that is sure to be a hit with adventurers of all ages.

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Jessey Rankin 

Meet Jessey, the technical mastermind behind NYK Adventure Company! Jessey is responsible for our daily posts and managing our social media presence, and we’re so grateful for her hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her! She is an amazing asset to the NYK team, and an invaluable part of our success. Join us in celebrating Jessey’s incredible work

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Business Manager Jessey
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