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T Sled Crew @ Wam Lookout

Ride With NYK

Our Selective Snowmobile / Snowbike Tours are perfect for those seeking adventure in the Back Country of N.W Montana. We are not pros at snowmobiling or snow biking by any means but we are definitely Avid back country enthusiests and we Love To Ride! Whether you're just an Avid Sledder like us or an all out Shredder we guarantee to take you to the sweet spots of

N.W Montana!

This is a newly offered service, and it is highly selective - we are not a regular touring company. So, if you can ride and are ready for a wild experience, then apply today

This Service is very Limited. We will be taking on 3 guides this upcoming 2024 winter season. 

We will Offer One Guide Per Month January - March. 

The Exact Date of the month will be to match your schedule. 

The Trip will be a 3 day trip and will include the Sled/Timbersled, Riding Gear, Transportation and lodging.

Your only task would be to pack for 3 days and fly into

Glacier International Airport

This trip will cover everything except food / drink, and your rental car if you want to experience more of what the flathead valley has to offer in the winter.

We have a legendary ski resort if your into the boards and skis.

Whitefish Mountain Resort 

We designed this trip to be a two person trip. We are equipped to take up to 4 people per trip but that will be our limit  and Price will depend on the details. 

If the Flathead Valley has been a Sledding or SnowBiking Destination on your list  We can guarantee the best riding the valley has to offer and One Hell Of A Good Time in the

Back Country of N.W Montana!

We Look forward to meeting you  and possibly riding with you this winter.

Apply For Your Spot This Winter!

Someone From NYK Will be with you within 48 Hours!

It's time to take on the Backcountry!

Let's make this ride legendary.

Stay extreme, stay passionate,

stay NYK!

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