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Wyatt Dull Bow Tie Air Out

Wyatt dull

Meet Wyatt, our high-flying snowmobile junkie! Wyatt has been a sledder since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He's an OG on the snow and loves building backcountry jumps and logging in air miles! 

Wyatt an adrenaline junkie at heart and always up for a challenge.

Wyatt is an expert at handling the toughest terrain and landscapes and will take your adventure to the next level. With Wyatt on board, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience

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Colton Shelley

Meet Colton, our local Montana native and Team Rider for our Adventure Company. He's an all-around backcountry rider who shreds the snow and dirt with ease. He's been exploring the mountains of Montana since he was a kid, and now he is taking his adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors to the next level. With his passion for exploration and his skills in the outdoors, Colton is the perfect team rider for our adventure company. Join him on his next adventure and explore the beauty of the Montana wilderness

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Tyler Pollock

Meet Tyler our local adrenaline junkie who loves pushing the limits on his Polaris snowmobile.

Tyler is an extremely talented and humble rider who is always a thrill to watch. He is also a great person to be around; his positive attitude and willingness to help others makes him a great teammate.

Tyler is passionate about exploring the great outdoors and loves the adventure that comes with it. He is always up for a challenge and never backs down from a good time.

NYK Is proud to have Tyler as part of our team

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Leif Lee

Meet Lief his  passion for motorcycles began at a young age, and it remained a constant in his life. Embracing the thrill of adventure, he became an avid snow biker, snowmobiler, dirt biker, and mountain biker. Always seeking new experiences and excitement, Lief has a penchant for anything with a motor that goes fast and challenges his limits.

When Lief isn't on a motor, he finds solace and cherishes the beauty of nature in Montana's breathtaking parks. Hiking through the majestic landscapes, he feels a deep connection to the environment and its serenity. As an advocate for responsible outdoor recreation, Lief promotes "pack in, pack out" trash policies, respecting and preserving these protected areas for future generations.

Balancing his love for adrenaline-pumping activities with a profound respect for nature, Lief strives to strike a harmonious chord between motor sports enthusiasts and environmental conservation. He believes in finding a middle ground that allows the motor sports community to enjoy their passion while preserving the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Lief's journey is one of resilience, determination, and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. His adventurous spirit and commitment to responsible recreation inspire others to explore, experience, and protect the wonders of nature.

NYK Is Proud to to have Lief as part of our Team!

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Lynn Janicki

Meet Lynn, Lief's partner in crime and the newest addition to the NYK  team. Lynn may be petite, but she packs a punch when it comes to hitting the trails and the back country!

Whether it's dirt or snow, this girl sends it! Lynn's skill and fearless attitude always surprise us and she never backs down from a challenge. She's always down for the adventure and brings a unique energy to the team.

We're proud to have Lynn as part of the NYK Rider family

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Josh Cik and The T Sled Crew

Josh cik

Meet Josh, an avid snow biker and dirt bike rider who is always up for a thrilling adventure.

Josh is a Montana native who loves to explore the back country and take on new challenges.

Josh is an experienced rider who is always on the lookout for new opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether it's hitting the slopes or taking it off-road, Josh is always ready for a new challenge. He is an inspiration to all riders and is always looking for ways to make the sport of snow biking and dirt biking an even bigger part of his life.

NYK Is Proud to Have Josh on the Team!

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Dr. Kent Wheelie!

Kent Keel

Meet Kent a local Head and Neck surgeon and devoted father of four, from Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Kent leads an adventurous life, with a passion for extreme snowmobiling, shredding on his dirt bike, and pursuing the thrill of hunting elk. With an unwavering passion for the great outdoors, Kent cherishes every moment spent in nature, creating memories and experiences that will undoubtedly shape the lives of his children.

Kent is One of the crew and always a pleasure to have on our adventures. 

NYK Is Proud to Have Kent as part of The Team!

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Mike Phillips

Mike is Nick's brother and the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree. Like Nick, Mike is a true Montana native who loves to explore the great outdoors. He is an avid snowmobile rider and a perfect addition to the NYK crew.

With his passion for adventure and natural talent for the sport, Mike is sure to take the adventure experience to the next level.

 Mike's enthusiasm and skills are sure to make every ride an unforgettable one and NYK is Proud to have Mike as a Team Rider!

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Cole Bartel

Meet Cole an animal on a snowmobile and dirt bike, performing daring stunts and tackling challenging terrain with ease.

Cole isn't afraid of much and always has a smile on his face.

Cole is a pleasure to watch, and an inspiration to riders of all ages.

Cole is always pushing himself to the limit and striving to become the best he can be.

NYK Is proud to Cole on our team and look forward to seeing what he can do in the back country this upcoming season!

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Brenden and the T Sled Crew

Brenden Lee

Meet Brendan, an all around adrenaline junkie and NYK Rider. Brendan is all about enjoying the outdoors and is into more sports than most of us.

Brenden loves to twist the throttle and hang out with the boys.

With Brendan, there's always something new and exciting to do. He's the perfect partner for any adventure and always brings an infectious sense of fun and excitement.

NYK Is Proud to have Brenden as part of the Team!

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Harry Masters On The Snow Bike

Harry Masters

Meet Harry "The Fish Slayer"

an experienced navigator and explorer who can take you anywhere you want to go.

Harry's expertise in navigating uncharted terrains has earned him a well-deserved spot on our team.

With Harry at the helm, our adventures will never cease to amaze. He always finds the most interesting routes and never fails to show us something new.

NYK is Proud to have Harry on our team and look forward to the amazing rides ahead.

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Pete Bosket

Meet Pete - the picture says it all.

Pete is NYK's all around wild man. Whether we're out on the trails, on the snow, or just around the campfire, Pete is always providing the entertainment.

As funny as Pete may be, he is an amazing rider on his Snow Bike  and Dirt Bike.

He may not ride as often as some of us, but when he does, he always outrides everyone.

NYK Is Proud to Have Pete on the Team!

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